When Will VALORANT Episode 5, Part 2 Coming?


When Will VALORANT Episode 5, Part 2 Coming?

When Will VALORANT Episode 5, Part 2 Coming?

VALORANT episode 5, part 1 is out on June 22. part 5, part 1; The new tier of Sublimity included several new features such as the underwater map Pearl, the Beginning of Chaos skin set, the new battle pass, and the event ticket. 

Especially, the appearance of the mysterious Pearl map on the VALORANT stage excited all the players. Unlike other maps, the map takes place among the blue, that is, under water. So, when will VALORANT chapter 5 part 2 come? What do we know so far about the second part?

VALORANT Episode 5 Part 2 Release Date

There is no official release date for VALORANT chapter 5, part 2 and no official end date for the Act 1 Battle Pass yet. After the VALORANT 5th episode 1st episode is over, that is, on August 24, 2022, we can see the next episode in the game. However, nothing is certain yet, this is just a guess at the moment.

What's New in VALORANT Chapter 5, Part 2?

As we just mentioned, part 5 is part 1; The new map represents Pearl's debut on the VALORANT stage. In addition, a new battle pass and a new event ticket where you can earn radianite points with 3 special player cards; It includes a new skin set and a new tier that will give weapons like Vandal, Operator, Shorty, and Specter a new look. Information for the next episode is currently unknown, but we could see a brand new agent on the horizon. We expect more information about Agent 21, whose codename "Mage" has been announced in many places, to come to light with the new patch or episode. Not much is known about the new agent, except that Mage may be one of the control agents in VALORANT and can create a certain amount of fumes. But we already know that his abilities will be supernatural. It is also said that Mage's release date could be around August 24. This corresponds to part 2 of chapter 5.

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