Destiny 2 Season 17 Grandmaster Nightfall: Release date, time, requirements and mor

Destiny 2 Season 17 Grandmaster Nightfall: Release date, time, requirements and mor

 Destiny 2 Season 17 Grandmaster Nightfall: Release date, time, requirements and more

After weeks of completing seasonal challenges and farming for peaks, Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall is just hours away from Season 17. It is considered the pinnacle of endgame activities as each mission consists of the toughest enemies and toughest modifiers.

Each Grandmaster can be done with a trio or a solo party. While it's not a mechanic-heavy event like Raids, one small misstep in Grandmaster Nightfall can result in a complete wipe and reboot. Players can expect Grandmaster Nightfalls to drop with a weekly reset on July 5 at 10:00 PDT.

When will Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall be released in Season of the Haunted? (2022)

The weekly reset on July 5 will bring Proving Grounds, the first of six Grandmaster Nightfalls this season. Other strikes include Insight Terminus, Inverted Spire, Warden of Nothing, The Corrupted and The Arms Dealer. Players can access Grandmaster Nightfalls at 10:00 AM PDT.

Starting times for all major regions are as follows: China: 01:00 (July 6).

United Kingdom: 18:00 (July 5).

Australia: 03:00 (6 July).

India: 22:30 (July 5).

Typically, each Grandmaster mission will only be available once a week for those wishing to unlock the Conqueror title. However, Bungie may decide to unlock all strikes for those who want to gild the title. The minimum strength requirement for this season's Grandmaster is 1585, while the enemy's strength is 1610.

Players below the required strength of 1585 will not be allowed to enter Grandmaster missions. This power level can be earned by having a peak cap of 1570 with a 15 power bonus or less.

The Grandmaster schedule for Season of the Haunted is as follows: July 5th: Field of Evidence.

July 12: Insight Terminal.

July 19: Guardian of Nothing.

July 26: Broken.

August 2: The Inverted Tower.

August 9: Arms Dealer.

Weapons available in the Nightfall pool this season include:

Silicone Neuroma Sniper Rifle.

DFA Handball.

Duty-bound Automatic Rifle.

Fear's Least Impact Rifle.

Hothead Rocket Launcher.

Attach the One.1 Fusion Rifle.

The Adept version of each weapon will be available upon completion of Destiny 2 Grandmaster. Platinum completions will guarantee an Adept drop in a given week, with the added benefit of taking a step towards the Seal of Conquest.

Players have until the end of the season to complete all the objectives required for the regular and gilded title.

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