Diablo Immortal Season 2: Expected release date, battle pass content and more

Diablo Immortal Season 2: Expected release date, battle pass content and more

Diablo Immortal Season 2: Expected release date, battle pass content and more

Season 1 of Diablo Immortal didn't go as smoothly as Blizzard Entertainment would have liked. While players liked the new game mechanics offered by the latest franchise, they did not like the pay-to-win model.

The title has been heavily criticized for all the microtransactions users have to face just to get endgame gear. Since its release with Season 1, the game has received somewhat mixed reactions from fans.

The first few weeks were filled with controversy as many gamers and creators criticized how the RPG monetized some in-game assets.

While many think the upcoming Diablo 4 could be a saving grace for the franchise, others believe Immortal could still be a good game. However, if the developers play their cards right and make Season 2 something that players who quit the game last month will find worth returning to.

While Blizzard has yet to announce the official release date for Diablo Immortal Season 2, many in the community believe the new season will launch on July 7 or 8, depending on the region.

What to expect from Diablo Immortal Season 2: New battle pass and playable content

When it comes to what to expect from Diablo Immortal Season 2, users will most likely get a new battle pass, something to invest in if they want some premium loot in their hands.

Most of the content may be hidden behind a paywall. However, from the amount of backlash the game has received from players (as it currently has the lowest rating in Metacritic history), Blizzard will likely be listening to community feedback for changes.

The battle pass should offer 40 tiers of content with free and premium rewards.

Regarding fashion, the developers have planned to release unique cosmetic rewards for each season. Skins will be exclusive to that season and will likely drop with Season 2 of Diablo Immortal.

Therefore, the upcoming update, which is expected to drop in a few days, is likely to come with new content such as new regions, questlines, side quests, story bosses, world bosses, and more.

Community members want to see if the developers have listened to all the negative feedback the game has received in the previous weeks and want to smooth out the microtransactions that are ruining the game experience.

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