Elden Ring data mining reveals a "Gostoc-like" foe in Stormveil as of version 1.0

Elden Ring data mining reveals a "Gostoc-like" foe in Stormveil as of version 1.0

Elden Ring data mining reveals a "Gostoc-like" foe in Stormveil as of version 1.0

Elden Ring data miners find something new in the game every day, and the latest reveal series has showcased how different the game is in 1.0 from what it was in the final release.

A few weeks ago, data miner using Sekiro Dubi started recovering files from version 1.0 of the game. It showed that FromSoftware's latest RPG is quite different from one of its previous releases, where Royal Capital Leyndell looked almost unrecognizable.

In the latest post, the dataminer discussed how Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring version 1.0 has a "Gostoc-like" foe.

Now, for those who don't know, Gostoc is the NPC that players find towards the entrance of Stormveil castle, and after defeating Godrick the Grafter they will meet again, where it will be shown that he has repeatedly kicked his former master in the head.

Surprisingly, there weren't any enemy types like him in the official version of the game, but it seems that at least for version 1.0, the developers have considered including other vassals like him as enemies.

Elden Ring 1.0 was very different from the last version

The Gostoc-like foe wasn't the only difference Sekiro Dubi pointed out in his findings. According to one of his videos, Royal Capital of Leyndell was completely different from the current version of the game. The dataminer thinks that perhaps in version 1.0 the game takes place in a completely different timeline.

Leyndell, which the data miner found, consisted of new enemies located in different parts of the city. They even encountered an exiled Knight who still respected their fallen leader, Gransax, who speculated that version 1.0 Lyendell was at a time when Erdtree's forces had not yet fully dominated him.

Sekiro Dubi pointed out that the Oracle's Envoys have not yet arrived in the city, and the Lower Capital Church boasts a completely different name. As such, it feels like datamining 1.0 could be a shadow DLC drop that happened at a much earlier age and that FromSoftware might want to explore in future expansions.

Many items, such as Runes and Remembrances, were also different, so if the developers tried to deliver an Elden Ring expansion that focused on a previous era, they could only get parts of version 1.0.

Players who want to play version 1.0 will be able to do so once they get their hands on a Blu-ray copy of the game. They should be playing the game as they do on their PS4 and PS5 without updating to the latest patch or any patch after 1.0.

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