How to find and defeat the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

How to find and defeat the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

How to find and defeat the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is filled with incredibly challenging and fun boss fights that players look forward to completing due to the additional loot they drop.

One such boss encounter in RPG is Blood Rose, Vessel of Rebirth, considered by many to be one of the toughest in-game fights. The Boss is the source of all the corruption that plagues Dark Wood, and that's exactly where adventurers can find it.

The match can begin after users pass the Sanguine Ruines in Dark Wood. There will be a small road on the map in the west that will take adventurers to the Blood Rose lair.

The boss will have two phases in the fight as well as some powerful attacks to avoid. It will deal significant damage to players and even kill them if they are not careful.

Today's guide will cover some tips and tricks for the Blood Rose encounter in Diablo Immortal and how readers can make the battle significantly easier for themselves.

Defeating Blood Rose, the Vein of Rebirth, in Diablo Immortal is no easy task

Blood Rose appears as both the story boss and the world boss. However, it is the latter that players have the most trouble with. While the Blood Rose story mode has the same move set as a world boss, the overall HP poll has been nerfed significantly.

This isn't the case as a world boss, and higher health is quite a threat to users, especially if their gear isn't properly prepared for combat.

Therefore, in order to defeat Blood Rose as a world boss, they are advised to: Invite a few more friends from their list to help them out. As a world boss, Blood Rose will boast a huge health pool of seven million. However, this will also depend on the difficulty settings of the game. Therefore, players can invite their friends to help in the battle or ask others on the server through world chat who will play the role of good samaritan.

While it's possible to beat the boss alone, it's hard to do without the proper gear. Character level will play a factor here, and players should be at least level 50 with the correct gear score for the level and difficulty before considering attempting a fight.

Once the fight begins, users will notice that Blood Rose likes to shoot wide beams and rely on projectile attacks rather than melee combat. It will also launch spikes and even summon Dark Creepers who will heal themselves by pushing life away from anyone standing in the red circle. Players are advised to keep their distance, avoid bullets, and stay outside the red circle by any means necessary. One trick to avoiding bullet beams would be to stand on the left edge of the arena. If players are not confident in their dodge skills, they can use this strategy very well and stop at the extreme point where the attack hitbox will end before it reaches them.

The Blood Rose encounter may seem unmanageable at first for Diablo Immortal users. However, with a little patience and practice, adventurers can grasp the movement sets much better. It shouldn't be too hard to deal with the encounter by dodging bullets at the right time and multiple players attacking the enemy.

In terms of story, Diablo Immortal players will need to defeat the Blood Rose, because only then will they be able to enter the Forgotten Tower Dungeon in the game and complete it.

Additionally, after reaching level 60 and switching to Hell difficulty, adventurers can receive the Blood Rose as a world boss to get fantastic gear while simultaneously completing Dark Wood's "Purify the Corruption" event.

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