How to find Frozen Stiffbones in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak


How to find Frozen Stiffbones in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How to find Frozen Stiffbones in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise players are playing the new Sunbreak expansion to the death after a long wait following its announcement. With all the new content this DLC brings to the table, fans of the franchise don't want to miss their chance to give it a shot.

Of course, this expansion adds a lot to the title, including new armor sets, weapons, characters, and items. Like the clock, new resources have been added to the game so users can build this new gear.

Given Rise's appeal for newbies to the Monster Hunter series, some of our newest hunters may need tips on collecting these supplies.

With the expansion of Monster Hunter Rise's core title, Sunbreak, it can be hard for newcomers to the franchise to get their heads together. Fortunately, capturing some of the higher-value resources is much less complicated than it seems. Especially the new Frozen Stiffbones supply.

Monster Hunter Rise: Ways to gather resources in Sunbreak

As many seasoned Monster Hunter veterans will know, there are tons of ways to gather resources in the series. Most commonly, high-value resources can be gathered from resources such as mining, looting from dead monsters, and collecting them from various points of the map.

Items found in a particular area also depend heavily on the difficulty of the quest that players leave to find those resources. Gathering fixed resources like plants and bones is often an afterthought when they're on the hunt for a dangerous beast, but they still need to keep an eye out.

A few players who want to set out to collect less dangerous resources en masse may choose to go on an expedition. Going on an expedition allows them to freely gather resources and acclimate to a new map without the looming threat of a fearsome monster attacking them.

Users looking to collect the Frozen Stiffbone resource will need to focus specifically on Frost Islands. This item can only be collected during Master rank quests and campaigns, so they should keep this in mind when starting their search for this resource. But how can they find it?

Players can find various piles of bones throughout the map. These are not just decorations as they can be looted for items.

One item readers can find from these stacks of ancient bones is Frozen Hard Bone. Given the abundance of these collection points, they can quickly stock up on this resource.

While this item is difficult for players to get their hands on, it is only required for one item. Those who want to complete the Khezu armor set only need to find one of these bones in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Users who want an increase in thunder damage and wall run can get this armor

With this in mind, they can relax knowing that only one of these bones is needed to complete the armor set. More specifically, only one Frozen Hard Bone is required to craft Khezu Helm X.

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