Klee's ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Klee's ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Klee's ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players will get one more chance to summon Klee during update 2.8 and can start preparing to upgrade it now to buy some time. All of Klee's ascension materials are readily available in the game's world, allowing players to collect enough items to increase him to 90 in no time. Fans looking to use Klee will need to make sure they collect a ton of these supplies if they want to get the most out of the adorable demolition expert.

Players can find a list of all of Klee's ascension materials here.
List of all of Klee's ascension materials in Genshin Impact
Upgrading Klee in Genshin Impact isn't too difficult, as all of his ingredients are easily obtainable very early in the game. Fans will need items from Mondstadt and boss materials from Liyue, making getting Klee to level 90 a quick and easy task.

Klee is a powerful 5-star Pyro character who can deal tons of AOE (area of ​​effect) Pyro damage and can easily smash some of the toughest enemies in the game.

Players planning to acquire Klee from the upcoming 2.8 update will want to make sure they collect these materials early to get Klee into their team as soon as possible. Klee will be arriving with Kaedehara Kazuha in a few weeks, so fans should start farming right away.

Here is a list of all of Klee's ascension materials:
Agnidus Agate and Everflame Seeds
Both of these important boss materials can be grown from the Pyro Regisvine in Liyue. Players will need to head to Cuijue Slope to challenge this huge flower. Taking him down will provide both Agnidus Agates and Everflame Seeds that Klee will need to level up to level 90.

Fans will need to spend plenty of resin to defeat this foe to gather enough supplies, but a relatively bland boss makes this a quick job with a team of Hydro characters.
Philanemo Mushrooms
Philanemo Mushrooms can be found on roofs and under awnings in major cities of Mondstadt. These mushrooms are native to the region and are required for Klee to rank higher as a regional specialty item.

Fans will need to collect a few mushrooms, and since these are only available in a few regions, players may have to wait until they grow again. They can also go to another player's world to collect more.

Samachurls are the source of scrolls that Klee will need to ascend, and players will need to download most of these shamans if they do not have scrolls saved.

These enemies can cast tons of annoying spells that can hinder the player in combat, but they're relatively soft and don't fight much in close-range engagements. Players can post pretty easily in a short time.

Genshin Impact's next update will mark the return of Klee, a powerful Pyro 5-star who needs quite a few items to reach level 90.

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