Finer Miner Challenge in Clash of Clans: Info, Rewards & More

Finer Miner Challenge in Clash of Clans: Info, Rewards & More

 Finer Miner Challenge in Clash of Clans: Info, Rewards & More

Every week, the developers release a new set of troop challenges in Clash of Clans where players must use a specific troop in multiplayer battles to unlock Bullseye-like magic items, battle flag coins, resources and experience points. The latest in-game troop challenge set includes Finer Miner, Bullseye, Hog Heaven, and Ignite & Fire challenges.

The Finer Miner challenge is the latest challenge where players must use Miners in their multiplayer battle attack strategies to unlock special rewards. Players must complete the challenge by August 22 to unlock all rewards.

In this article, we will explore the Finer Miner challenge, its rewards, and the best attack strategies in Clash of Clans.

The latest in-game troop challenges in Clash of Clans

The Finer Miner challenge is a special in-game challenge based on the Miner troop. Players must use Miner troops to win multiplayer battles and unlock rewards such as enchantment books, enchantment items, and experience points.

The in-game description of the Finer Miner challenge in Clash of Clans is as follows:

Miner is an elixir troop that can be unlocked by players when they upgrade their elixir barracks to level 12, which requires a level 10 town hall. It is a troop unit with medium damage and low health. Miners have the rare ability to bury themselves underground and overcome obstacles.

Traps do not form as miners go underground; instead, they launch when Miners rise to attack a building. While underground, they are unaffected by defenses, making them unstoppable while moving and building funnels.

To fulfill the Finer Miner challenge, players must use the required amount of Miners in cooperative play. The number of Miners needed will depend on the state of the Town Hall. Players must use at least 10 Miners in Town Hall 13, for example, to defeat their opponents in multiplayer battles.

At the end of the challenge, winners of 10 multiplayer matches with Miners will receive a number of rewards, including a resource potion and 400 experience points. One of the best magic items in the game is the resource potion, which temporarily increases the daily production of all resource collectors.

Best attack strategies for the Finer Miner challenge

The Finer Miner challenge offers players a variety of attacking ways to succeed. Miners can be used as front troops to break through defense or support other troops in an attacking playstyle. The following are some typical Miner attack techniques in Clash of Clans multiplayer matches: Defensive buildings can be cleared using miners and GoWipe as support team. Destroying defenses can also help by using a golem as a tank. Miners can help remove defenses.

Additionally, players can combine healing spells with Mass Miner attack techniques. It is an effective offensive tactic as it easily destroys both structures and fortifications. Before using miners, players must defeat the opponent's clan castle troops.

Finally, the Finer Miner challenge in Clash of Clans is a good way to gain experience points and resource elixir. Players should use good Miner attack strategies to complete the challenge by August 22.

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