PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M15 and 16 rewards leaked


PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M15 and 16 rewards leaked

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M15 and 16 rewards leaked

Millions of players around the world regularly play the popular BR game PUBG Mobile. To improve gaming experiences, Krafton and Tencent Games work tirelessly to add new elements to the game.

Among them, the Royale Pass craze is unparalleled. Players can't wait to learn about the rewards available in upcoming RPs that they can add to their in-game inventory.

Leaked rewards that PUBG Mobile players can see in the next Month 15 and Month 16 RP

Several YouTubers working with the developers as BETA testers have provided leaks about upcoming updates or additions to the game. Similarly, they mentioned some leaks in their video for Moon 15 and Moon 16 Royale Passes.

15. Moon Royale Pass

Based on the leaks, the upcoming C3S8 Month 15 Royale Pass will be modeled on the Razzle Dazzle theme.

Take a look at the leaked rewards that could be included in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Month 15 RP:

Awesome Pack Set and Music Star Win 94

Magic Night Helmet, Magic Night Ornament and Smoke Grenade

Cute Clown Finish Plane

Midas Fortune Legendary Emote

Drum Perception - DP28

Choose between - Midas

Exited Dance Expression

fairy tale scarecrow

Fortune Set and Cover and Clairvoyant Fox Set and Cover

An overview of the rewards to be found in the M15 RP Treasure Box :8. Season - Night Dancer Set and Night Dancer Mask

Electronica Hearts Mask, Electronica Hearts Parachute and Electronica Hearts Cover

1st Moon - Night Stalker Set and Night Stalker Parachute

Month 2 - Sea Marauder Set

2nd Month - Wave Breaker Set

Shell Throne Sidecar Motorcycle

Heavenly Cadence Set and Heavenly Tempo Goggles

Pace Beat Set and Stomping Beat Glasses

Night Dancer - SLR

Pink and Blue Harmony Car and Pink and Blue Harmony VSS

Sea Marauder You Know

Season 18 - Heavenly Cadence Smoke Bomb

Marine Stalker Parachute

Schoolgirl in pink dress

Alien Technology - QBZ and QBU

Amazing Teen Outfit

16. Lunar Royale Pass

According to leaks, the 16th Moon RP will feature a Heroic Palace theme and offer multiple rewards.

Take a look at the leaked bounties that will be included in the M16 RP:

DJ Dancer Set, DJ Dancer Cover and Grain Revolution UMP - 45

Visage Smoke Bomb

cupid ornament

Unknown Target Plane End

Masked Crusader Emoticon

Color Explosion - AKM

Hip Hop Scarecrow Set and Hip Hop Scarecrow Cover

Cute Cactus - QBZ

Wild Dance Emote

Dynamic Strike - SLR

Masked Crusader Set and Masked Crusader Cover

Similar to Month 15, the Month 16 Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile will also have a Treasure Box that offers different rewards from previous seasons. Take a look at the leaked rewards that will be included in the M16 RP Treasure Box:

Season 11 - Elite Force Set and Cover

3rd Month - Fried Set and Cover

Month 4 - Mecha Bruiser Set and Cover

Breakwater Set

Reckless Mercenary Set

Supermarket Parachute For Sale

Season 11 - Leopard Suit

Withering Death - YOU

Season 8 - The Clownfish Team

Season 11 - Reckless Soldier Set, Lost in the Night Parachute

Drifter - AUGUST A3

Season 4 - Roaring Brown - Pan and the Roaring Grinzzly Parachute

With many cosmetics and items, many PUBG Mobile players will be purchasing the upcoming M15 and M16 Royale Passes.

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