F1 22: How To Get A Good Start In Every Race

F1 22: How To Get A Good Start In Every Race

F1 22: How To Get A Good Start In Every Race

Wondering how you can get a good start on any circuit in F1 22? Check out this guide to know more.

EA Sports has launched the F1 22 and the fans of the motorsport can finally say “it’s lights out and away we go”. While the game connects fans to the numerous beautiful circuits, it also gives an insight into what it means to be an F1 driver. The game involves everything from a solo Grand Prix to multiplayer mode just like its predecessor. Whichever mode you play, winning the game certainly depends on your game setup and the start you get amidst the other cars. If you are wondering how to get a good start in F1 22, this guide has all you need.

How to Get a Good Start in F1 22

F1 22: How To Get A Good Start In Every Race

The build-up to a good start in F1 2022 majorly depends on the game settings. For instance, the requirements of assisted traction starts and automatic gear, medium traction builds and manual gear, and no traction assists all differ.

However, the basics to a podium finish remain the same, carrying on a good start. So here are the things you need to keep in mind to get a good start and build on it.

Practice the Circuit

Each Grand Prix offers the Free Practice and Qualifying before the Main race. It is so important to practice your circuits beforehand to have an advantage in the race that counts. This will offer you much better positioning on the grid and the turns ahead.

Tire heating for a good start

F1 22 involves quite a lot of mechanisms from the real-life motorsport. This means you will get to be a part of the formation lap. Formation laps are a great way to heat your tires right before it's lights out. If you are new to this, tire heating can be done by swerving left to right. Additionally, it should be done at a medium pace and should not be done aggressively. 1

The advantage of heated tires is better grip and swift movement from the start which you will need to create a good start for yourself.

Grid Positioning & Qualifying

With the addition of a formation lap, your grid positioning will also be quite important. Your position will help you get a better start than your opponents. Additionally, your grid position will depend on your qualifying and you will have to excel them and lockout your position at the start of the grid.

First Corner & Starting Throttle

This is one of the most important parts to build a good start for yourself in F1 22. The better RPM that you maintain, the better start you will have. Use your clutch and build up the revs to at least 12,500. As soon as the lights go out, drop the clutch and shift up the gear to second. Next, build up on the half throttle and wait for a good grip before switching up to third. Along with that, move your throttle to 100% and hit the ERS button.

Once you get a good kick start, the next thing that matters is your positioning on the first corner. Once you get a smoother exit, of the first corner, all you have to do is get in your best laps and you will be on the podium.

No Traction Assist

This is one of the toughest modes to handle in F1 22 and we recommend this only if you are an experienced driver. Getting a good start with no traction assist is one of the hardest things in the game. Nevertheless, once you have some practice you will be able to nail this. The revs will have to be at the same RPM as the other modes. 12,500 revs as you kick off and go to the second gear with a quarter throttle. Only press ERS after you are certain of the rear grip.

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