How To Dismantle Items In The Witcher 3

How To Dismantle Items In The Witcher 3

How To Dismantle Items In The Witcher 3

This guide will tell you how to Dismantle Items in Witcher 3.

Knowing how to Dismantle Items in the Witcher 3 can be very beneficial. It's a huge game and you will pick up or loot multiple items. Throughout the game, you will go through many weapons and armor. Instead of hoarding them, you can just deconstruct them to get profitable items to sell or crafting materials. Apart from that, you will also open up inventory space. That being said, here's how to do it.

How to Dismantle Items in Witcher 3

How To Dismantle Items In The Witcher 3

To dismantle items in your inventory, all you have to do is find an Armorer or Blacksmith. Then follow these instructions to take disassemble items:

  • Interact with them and you will see a dialog menu. It will be different for both but you can recognize the option from the icons.
  • For Blacksmiths, it will be an evil with a hammer. And for Armorer, it will be armor with a hammer.
  • This will open a Crafting menu. There, you can click on items to check what materials you will get. It will also show you the price you have to pay.
  • Then, you can choose the number of items you want to take apart. The price will differ with the quantity and once you do, click on OK.

Note that once you tear something apart, you cannot get it back. So be careful about what you are tearing apart.

What Should You Dismantle?

As we mentioned before, some deconstructed resources sell for more than the object itself. Take jewelry for example. You can pull it apart to get valuable metal and gems. Apart from that, you can take old weapons apart to craft new ones. This includes runes and glyphs. When you deconstruct a weapon or armor with a rune or a glyph, you will get it back to equip on another weapon.

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