Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Begins February 7th

Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Begins February 7th

Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Begins February 7th

The Deluxe Edition owner gets his 72-hour head start in launch week.

Hogwarts Legacy's official start date is his Friday, February 10th, but as these things go, those who paid extra can get their hats on their heads a little earlier than class. If you buy the Deluxe Edition, you get his 3-day early access to Hogwarts Legacy. That means it will be available from February 7, 2023.

If you've already spotted Hogwarts Legacy gameplay videos popping up on YouTube and social media, don't be late for a special Super Early Access party. Hogwarts Legacy has partnered with content creators to grant early access to the game for promotional purposes, but you'll have to wait until either February 7th or 10th to play, depending on which version you purchased. .

Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Unlock Details

Hogwarts Legacy Early Access begins his Tuesday, February 7th for players who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, 72 hours before its official release on Friday, February 10th. You can find both regular and deluxe editions on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

So it's not yet known if the game will launch at the exact time on February 7th.

An additional source of information is the launch week livestream hosted by Portkey Games. An 'Early Release Q&A and Launch Livestream' hosted by one of his Community Managers on the Hogwarts Legacy YouTube channel and Avalanche Software Twitch channel on February 7 at 8am (11am ET, 4pm GMT). there is.

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