Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are the things you should do first in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has so many things to do and places to explore, but are the things you should do first? The game opens slowly and for some reason, there's just so much to do. Hogwarts Legacy features a large open world. Hogwarts School itself is a huge place with lots to do inside. This guide will tell you all the details on what to do first.

Things to do first in Hogwarts Legacy

There are so many things to do in Hogwarts Legacy that it would become overwhelming if it was all done at once. There are things to explore, things to learn all around Hogwarts and outside, things to unlock, etc. So, with so much to do, let's take a look at what things you should do first.

Dueling in the Crossed Wands Dueling Club

Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

One of the funniest activities that also works as a tutorial is dueling. You will be able to duel for the first time in the Defense Against the Dark Arts course with Sebastian Sallow. After that Sebastian will invite you to double up in the Cross Wands Dueling Club. You can start this by meeting Lucan Brattleby at the base of the Clock Tower.

It will also teach you some of the basics of early game combat and get you used to it. It can also be very difficult on a higher difficulty. This also provides a practice dummy where you can learn various spell combos to be most effective in duels.

Explore Hogsmeade

Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

Known as the only town where magick is openly practiced, Hogsmeade is a bustling and bustling place. There are plenty of shops and other structures to visit. Some shops and their traders will be introduced during the main quest itself. But, you should always explore this city more as it has so much more to offer.

There are lots of fun little shops and houses that you can walk into and interact with items or even eat things. One such interesting store is Zonko's Joke Shop where you can find lots of cool stuff, so be sure to visit it.

Use Revelio and collect the Field Guide pages.

Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

Revelio is one of the first spells you learn during the Hogwarts Legacy prologue. If there's one essential thing to do wherever you are, it's to use Revelio. You can miss a lot of hidden chests and other valuables if you don't use Revelio often.

One of the main uses of Revelio is to reveal and collect field guide pages. If you ever find something interesting like a statue, a unique painting, or unique structures like fountains and the like, use Revelio and you might reveal a terrain guide page.

Do Merlin's Trials

Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

After a few hours of play, you will discover Merlin Trails. These are small issues or challenges that can often be easily understood and resolved and don't require too much time. Be sure to do these trials whenever you come across them on your travels.
These Trials of Merlin are essential things to do in Hogwarts Legacy, as they will increase the capacity of your gear. If you don't want to keep destroying or selling your items, you need to keep trying Merlin as much as possible.

Unlock Flying Broom

Things You Should Do First in Hogwarts Legacy

You may have seen a few students flying on flying broomsticks around Hogwarts. Using a flying broom is one of the most fun things to do in Hogwarts Legacy. But, you will have to progress a bit to unlock them. They are unlocked after attending the piloting class where you are taught how to pilot one.

While you haven't unlocked the Flying Broomsticks yet, be sure to save some gold so you can purchase one immediately once unlocked. It can be purchased from Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 Gold once you unlock it. Having a flying broom makes exploration much easier. So, be sure to try to unlock this before heading out to explore remote locations.

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